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fr photog in Japan 1860

The regular PHSNE website is in the process of rebuilding and, frankly, I’m impatient. There are lots of good things there, and I will link to the main site regularly in this blog, but I want to be able to quickly add content and respond to any feedback without going through a webmaster. I know, I should fix it…

Didn’t I just say I was impatient?

Anyway, this bog has its uses too, and I will be posting things in a different way here; less formal, more newsy and personal. I hope it’s useful to someone but, if not, at least it keeps me off the streets, right?

The menu headings at the top of the page will get you to the main sections of the blog, but I will try to break it down over the next few weeks so that upcoming events, news items, reviews of shows, etc. will be evidently available for anyone who comes here looking for them. Right now, I might suggest going to Paris Night & Day.


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