PHSNE Photographica

The thing about PHSNE is… well, there is no one thing about PHSNE. We’re an Historical Society (very formal, that) and yet what we do is so much more about getting people together: people who like old images; people who like old camera gear; photographers and their friends; dealers in old things; young photographers looking for that gear that will give them the right look; historians, teachers, students … all of it.

We are known best, I think, for the twice yearly show and sale of things photographic that is called PHOTOGRAPHICA. This next one is on April 12 and 13, in Wakefield, MA, in a sort of funky old armory building called the Americal Center. It’s roomy, and freshly renovated, and they say that we won’t suffer from poor heating/cooling anymore, but what makes it all worthwhile, is that there are over 80 tables of dealers there, and that means lots of people like to meet new people… and solve problems with old gear. That’s why they do it.

(Hint: many of us are older than you, and we love to talk!)

Here are some images from a recent show:


There are over 80 tables set up by dealers from all over.


Both cameras and images



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