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My last blog as president

It’s been a while since I actually did much writing here, but I would like to do two things as I bow out. The new president may decide to take this over or I may just continue to bloviate as the Ex-Grand-Poohba or something. Check in once in awhile to see.

Thing number one: I want to say thank you. The Society is a strange beast, a volunteer organization filled with lots of good people, but not many volunteers. Those who have taken the time and effort to show up, pitch in, add something of themselves to the mix and help make things work deserve credit. It is a small but important group. They now who they are and I risk missing names should I endeavor to make a list (I do that a lot and offend just about everyone, so…). The warehouse guys, the Photographica set-up and tear-down people, the fellow board members who showed remarkable forbearance in the face of constant chiding from this blunt-object of a man in charge, all are to be commended and congratulated on surviving my presidency. The work goes on, and I will remain in harness, just happily not at the head of the line. Here is a picture of a number of ex presidents all in the same room. No blood was spilled.

PHSNE Presidents

Thing number two:

I’d like to hype this year’s Journal while I can. It’s out now and available in print or as a PDF to anyone. Check it out.

Thanks to all,


          PHSNE Journal 2015       


                  PHSNE publications:                PHSNE Journal 2015     


      The Journal of the Photographic Historical Society of New England is a celebration of our shared photo heritage; of the images, the people who made them and the equipment they used.   


              Find out more on MagCloud         


Some very sad news from our friends at E.P. Levine

219 Bear Hill Road, Waltham MA 02451 (617)951-1499

To all of our current and past customers, near and far,
the owners of EP Levine,
Jay Callum and Michael Bard,
announce the closing of our business.

This is done with much sadness, as EP Levine, in one iteration or another, has been a fixture in the Boston and New England photographic community since 1959.
When Jay & Mike took over from Steve Brettler in 2007, there was much hope for the future.  Indeed, growth was excellent until the financial crisis of 2008 struck us all in the fall of that year.  With that event, an unstoppable series of changes to the photographic industry was set in motion.  Brick and mortar locations with qualified, knowledgeable staff and a reputation for providing top notch service and advice, ironically became the hardest hit.  The digital revolution that had so changed photography had spread to every business and means of doing business.  Value and service became secondary to price, even if it was only a few dollars, instant gratification and low priced, low quality, imported goods.
After struggling through this past winter and without the bounce back we had hoped for in the spring and summer, we have come to the realization that continuing is no longer possible.

Commencing immediately, we will be holding a clearance sale
that will run until Saturday, October 3rd.

Discounts will range from 10% to 40% and, in some cases offers will be entertained.  This will be the time for the best selection and quantities.


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Everything from Adobe to Zeiss!

Want to go international?

I received this today from one of our correspondents in Serbia. I thought it might interest some of our members.

Dear Sir / Madam

Rasa Milojevic
Photo club “PENZA” from Penza / Russia


Photo club „PHOTOCLUB 202“ from Zajecar / Serbia
is kindly inviting you to participate at the our:
Three separate jury selection,

For groups (10 or more authors) have a 20% discount.
Participation fee for 1 – 2 themes is 28 euros ($40).
Participation fee for all five theme is 35 euros (50$).

A) CHILD – (color or monochrome) PID color PSA Recognition
B) EMOTIONS – (color or monochrome) PID color PSA Recognition
C) LIFE – (color or monochrome) PID color PSA Recognition
D) FREE – (monochrome) PID monochrom PSA Recognition
E) FREE – (color) PID color PSA Recognition
FIAP: 2015/327,328,329 / FSS: 2015/048 / UPI licence.
Entry rules: HERE
Application form: HERE
All participants will receive a printed catalog (4*).
Best Regards!
Rasa Milojevic, Salon Chairman

Stereographica Auction ends September 12

We are quite late in publishing a link to this on-line auction, but the group, Stereographica, the site and the auction are all well worth exploring. There is much more to them than stereo images. Located in Valatie, New York, Bryan & Page Ginns have been collecting and dealing in fine antique and collectible photography since 1985, actively buying and selling to collectors world wide. They are active PHSNE members.

…and yet another great opportunity–– THINK SMALL!


Announcing: think small.

A juried photography exhibition curated by:
Jason Landry, owner of Panopticon Gallery and
Corinne DiPietro, gallery assistant at Panopticon Gallery

On display at Panopticon Gallery
September 10 – November 30, 2015.

Here’s the details:
This call for entry is open to any photographer currently living in the New England states. The topic is open for interpretation. We are looking for the best, innovative, and most dynamic work in photography––all images will be considered.

Entry Deadline: August 1, 2015
Submission Guidelines:
1.) Send us an email with your name, website address, one sentence telling us what your work is about, and (4) jpgs with a list of titles to:
2.) The jpgs should be low-resolution (1000 pixels on the longest side, save for web, 72 dpi.)
3.) Pay the Submission Fee of $20.00 via this PayPal link.
4.) We will email the selected artists on August 10th and put a list on our website.
5.) Framed pieces for this exhibition must be between 16×20 inches and 20×24 inches and must be priced at $500.00 or less.