My last blog as president

It’s been a while since I actually did much writing here, but I would like to do two things as I bow out. The new president may decide to take this over or I may just continue to bloviate as the Ex-Grand-Poohba or something. Check in once in awhile to see.

Thing number one: I want to say thank you. The Society is a strange beast, a volunteer organization filled with lots of good people, but not many volunteers. Those who have taken the time and effort to show up, pitch in, add something of themselves to the mix and help make things work deserve credit. It is a small but important group. They now who they are and I risk missing names should I endeavor to make a list (I do that a lot and offend just about everyone, so…). The warehouse guys, the Photographica set-up and tear-down people, the fellow board members who showed remarkable forbearance in the face of constant chiding from this blunt-object of a man in charge, all are to be commended and congratulated on surviving my presidency. The work goes on, and I will remain in harness, just happily not at the head of the line. Here is a picture of a number of ex presidents all in the same room. No blood was spilled.

PHSNE Presidents

Thing number two:

I’d like to hype this year’s Journal while I can. It’s out now and available in print or as a PDF to anyone. Check it out.

Thanks to all,


          PHSNE Journal 2015       


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      The Journal of the Photographic Historical Society of New England is a celebration of our shared photo heritage; of the images, the people who made them and the equipment they used.   


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