BBC News – The camera that captured readers’ lives

_80213956_rodkrugerford624BBC News – The camera that captured readers’ lives.

A recent Magazine article looked at one of the most important cardboard boxes ever made – the Brownie camera. Created by Kodak, it turned ordinary people into photographers for the first time – the snapshot was born. Readers sent us some of their own photos taken with Brownies, new and old.


Guest blog post: Keith Canham & Large Format Photography

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Kodak Professional is in Chicago, IL for the annual Society of Photographic Education conference. You can find Tim Ryugo, our national sales manager for professional film, in our Booth #44. along with Keith Canham, owner of K.B. Canham Cameras. Keith tells us how he partnered with Kodak to deliver large format film to the market.KB Canham 7 X 17 3/4 rear view<br />wood large format field cameraLet me introduce myself: I am Keith Canham, owner of K. B. Canham Cameras, Inc. I have built large format cameras for more than 30 years.  I did not start building camera with the intent of owning a camera business. I just wanted a large format camera. I had been photographing for more than 10 years when I had my first opportunity to use a 4×5 camera. Up until that time I had used medium format. It was love at first sight with the 4×5. Not the camera, but the image made with it. The…

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