Photo and Camera Collections to visit


The Firefly  photogravure by George Henry Seeley, 1907   Courtesy the Clark Institute

Last year, or maybe the year before that, I put together a list of Photo Collections around New England, most of which are on the list because you can actually go and visit them. Take a look, take a drive and visit one or two.

At almost the same time, PHSNE member Dave DeJean put together lists that are broader than mine, in focus and in geography. These are worth a visit as well, but you may have to put your travlin’ shoes on for some of them.

Just sayin’. It’s almost a new year and all and it’s time to get out there and look at things.


From a camera museum done right: three generations of Argus C4s — the original C4, the C4, with advance lever and rewind crank, and the C44R, with bayonet mount, surrounded by display labels and additional printed materials, from the Argus Museum in Ann Arbor, MI.

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