Ever wonder what type of photograph you have?


Is it a gelatin/silver print? or perhaps it’s an albumen print? Tintype? Is it some sort of mechanical print and not an original photo at all? How do you tell?

 Graphics Atlas is a great place to begin your research. 

“Graphics Atlas is a sophisticated resource that presents a unique, object-based approach for the identification and characterization of prints and photographs.”

From the folks at the Image Permanence Institute at RIT and the George Eastman House.


Looking for a good 16mm camera for a stage production

A request from the director of a stage musical to be performed in Waltham: He is looking to beg, borrow or rent a good quality 16mm camera and gear to be used to film clips that will be part of the musical. His shooting schedule for the production is July 23/24/25 and he is an experienced cameraman. If you have a rig that you might care to have used in this endeavor, contact him here and tell him you’re from PHSNE.

PhotoHistory XVI in Rochester

The PhotoHistory XVI committee is busily planning the greatest  PhotoHistory symposium, set for Oct. 10-12, 2014 in Rochester, NY. The list of presenters, from their July mailing,  is as follows:

Saturday, 11 October, 2014

Symposium: 8:00 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.
George Eastman House, Dryden Theater, 900 East Avenue.

Preliminary listing of presentations

Working Without Pictures: Recovering the Early Years of American Photography / Gregory Drake, Photographic Historian / Boston,MA

Photography: Hungary’s Greatest Export? / Colin Ford/ Enfield, England / Former Director of UK Museum of Photography, Bradford, England

The Uvachrome System of Color Photography / Cornelia Kemp, Curator of Photography and Film, Deusches Museum, Munich, Germany

Geographic Origins of Still Cameras Manufactured in the United States / Ralph London, Portland OR

Creation of the first Digtal Single Lens Reflex at Kodak / Jim McGarvey, Rochester, NewYork

The First “Selfie”: Robert Cornelius and the Curation of Identity / Margot Note / Independent Researcher, NYC NY

Spy Satellites, the Cold War, and Kodak / Brad Paxton / Eastman Kodak (retired), Rochester NY

Georeferencing the Work of Historical 19th Century Photographers in Arizona and New York City / Jeremy Rowe/ Arizona State University, Tempe AZ

The Trumball Panoramic Camera / Peter Schultz / Brown University, Providence RI

Teaching the History of Photography in the Digital Age / Kenneth White / Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester NY

Skylight Photo Studios of the Finger Lakes / Nicholas M. Graver / Eastman Kodak (retired), Rochester N

The event attracts people from around the globe for the Friday reception, Saturday symposium at George Eastman House and banquet at the Doubletree Hotel and Sunday trade show, with almost 100 tables filled with photographic treasures.
The Photographic Historical Society is the oldest such group in the world, founded in 1966 and has held symposia regularly since 1970.
Among the committee members are, seated, from left, Jack Bloemendaal and Martin Scott; standing, Tim Fuss, Marian Early, Sharon Bloemendaal and Mike Champlin. Not shown is Eugene Kowaluk. tphs.org
For more information, please visit the Photographic History Society’s website or their Facebook page.