ArtWeek Boston and…

As Art Week Boston nears, some of us start to think about the state of the art of photography these days, at least what they call “Fine Art” photography, though low art photography, like Lomo and Holga often blur the distinctions by being more artsy than most image-making these days. Europe has a strong history of appreciation for the fine-ness of photography, especially France, as can be seen at the wonderful Paris Night & Day exhibit I wrote about here. Now we have a prominent international gallery setting up shop at the Burlington Mall (high art in low places?). YellowKorner started in Paris–they have nine separate locations in that city alone–but they are truly an international presence, with storefronts in twenty countries and lots of pizzaz in their online site. The local incarnation may be in a mall, but they seem determines to put their best social foot forward with the thing we just can’t resist about French culture, the food. This just came across my desk from the in basket of another PHSNE member:

As part of ArtWeek Boston 2014, Parisian-based YellowKorner Photography Gallery is flying in world-renowned urban landscape photographer, Franck Bohbot, to Boston for an artist feature and French prix fixe dinner at Society on High in Boston’s Financial District on Tuesday, April 29th
YellowKorner very recently opened its first New England area gallery in Burlington, MA, and we wanted to extend an invite to our event to those interested from the PHSNE.
Bohbot’s collection features extraordinary works capturing some of France’s monumental architectural structures and he agreed to travel from his native France for ArtWeek for he is in the process of finalizing an urban landscape collection to be shot here in Boston. 

Please see event information here on ArtWeek Boston’s event page: YellowKorner Society Introduces the Art of Paris. There is also an eventbrite link on that page for tickets which are only $25 and include dinner. Please contact me at jake@dpacommunications.comor 617-997-2134 with questions on the dinner or anything concerning YellowKorner. Thanks!


YELLOWKWEBFranck Bohbot’s work courtesy of YellowKorner. All rights reserved 

Franck Bohbot is labeled a “landscape photographer” here, but his work is far more varied than that might suggest. His website has a great deal of top quality and arresting work, in color and in black and white. The promise that his next project will be shot in Boston is pretty exciting (personally, of course… this is, after all, my blog) and I have to say I might even travel to the wilds of Burlington to check out their storefront…but not likely. I do hate malls. The dinner, however, sounds great, even understanding that it will probably include a side dish of sales and a good ration of hype.  


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