Need a Darkroom?


I don’t want to start advertising things here, but I can’t stop myself from giving a shout-out to a really helpful and convenient service for those of us who still shoot film. You take the pictures, but then what? Scan them? It’s OK, and allows for lots of options, but a good old silver print is often what we want from these precious negatives, and the best way for getting the right stuff from your negatives is to do it yourself (with help, anyway). Best place to do that for you space-challenged city dwellers? Or you folks with bigger negatives than your enlarger can handle (8 x10 anyone?) 

LaPete Labs in the Fort Point District.

Bill LaPete has been doing this for a long time and has a great place for you to work, learn and connect. He can help you get the most from every negative you have, if you need the help, or he can just leave you alone to work in what are some of the best equipped labs I’ve seen in a long time.  He suffered for a long time without a proper elevator in the building, but that’s a thing of the past and his facilities are now as easy to get to as if they were on the first floor.  Check him out, and tell him that PHSNE sent you!


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